This work has had two creative developments since 2016.
The Audition interrogates the protocols and power relationships of the audition process to uncover how much we understand of what it means to seek asylum and the dilemma of taking action. The asylum seeker shares something in common with the artist/actor in Australia – an outsider of uncertain status. But what if you are an artist and a refugee? And a person of colour? The asylum seeker just like the actor becomes expert at being patient with a force that is able to keep them waiting without having their hopes dashed. This is the liminal space that we will explore in The Audition. The stage is a country in itself. With its own rules and regulations. Or lack of them.
OUP will be partnering with the iconic Melbourne La Mama Theatre to present this work. This work will feature Tes Lyssiotis as primary and will also incorporate writer performers Milad Norouzi, Sahra Davoodi, Tariro Mavondo and Mary Sitarenos as writers and protaganists of the work.
SYNOPSIS: A play within a play.
Actors of immigrant and refugee background are being directed in a rehearsal of Hotel Bonegilla – a seminal Australian play written by Tes Lyssiotis in 1983 that chartered the post war fleeing and arrival of refugees to Australia. Their experiences as refugees and marginalised artists in the year 2019 forces them to update the context and dramaturgy of the original play. In the process a new work is written and performed. The Audition explores the life of a group of artists, their dual identities and dialogue with identity politics, an uncaring world, an unknown future but a present that constantly transforms. Sometimes for the better.

November 13 – 24th 2019 – La Mama Theatre Courthouse theatre

Developed with support from
assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body, Melbourne City Council.

Writer Tes Lyssiotis

Cast Milad Norouzi, Sahra Davoudi, Mary Sitarenos & Tariro Movondo.

Directing & Dramaturg Irine Vela

Writing Mentor Christos Tsiolkas

Lighting Design Gina Gascoigne