"a world opened up on stage with the gritty edges all smoothed and polished to talk the real human story."


Hip-hop collides with chamber music and urban dance in a multicultural ode to Melbourne – welcome to the new sound of our city.

Outer Urban Projects and MASSIVE Hip Hop Choir from Melbourne’s northern, western suburbs and beyond team up with Komninos Zervos, an iconic Australian performance poet and Mary Quinsacara – one of Australia’s first female emcees for a hip-hop/classical throw down.

A talented inter-generational ensemble combines to bring us an infectiously intimate show, fusing the primal force of rap, the power of dance and the timeless beauty of classical music, creating a powerful performance that is both instantly recognisable and utterly unique.

Telling tales of wealth and poverty, privilege and neglect, apathy and ambition, Urban Chamber – Beyond channels the hopes, anxieties and ambitions of Melbourne’s suburban youth whose origins span five continents. This is the essential voice of Australia’s present and future – diverse, vibrant and original.

Urban Chamber – Beyond premiered in the 2013 Melbourne International Arts Festival at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Developed with support from Australia Council for the Arts, Newsboys Foundation, Andyinc Foundation, George Hicks Foundation, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Cohealth, Merri-bek City Council and Outer Urban Projects school and community partners.



"The raw talent and charisma of this group is enough to want to go see them... with
the subtleties and stories – aided by the Aussie poet Komninos Zervos, Mary Quinsacara and choreographer Deon Nuku - it is a world opened up on stage with the gritty edges all smoothed and polished to talk the real human story."


“The smooth transition of artistic piece after artistic piece soon convinced the audience that they are in the presence of a particularly unique and talented collaboration… Outer Urban Projects includes amongst its values both respect and courage. I am not quite sure what these guys do to nurture such a warm, engaged, respectful and brave group of young people, but I certainly did appreciate the opportunity to be witness to the outcome. Urban Chamber - Beyond really does encapsulate the spirit of the best of Melbourne – diverse, different, and truly welcoming.”

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