To become a thriving and iconic company based in Melbourne’s north. A company that explores the pressing narratives of contemporary society through culturally and linguistically diverse performances, artists and audiences.



To platform unheard voices, stories and the art of Naarm’s/Melbourne’s outer northern communities.

To offer employment, training, and social and creative engagement for emerging artists and their communities in the outer north.

To create inspiring collaborative intergenerational, multi-authored performing art.



Diversity: To foster a culture of respect for the enormous diversity of humanity—diversity of race, culture, class, religion, gender, sexuality, age and ability—in all that we do.

Resistance and Protest: To tell stories and create works of art that challenge and interrogate the dominant narratives of our society.

Transformation: To use community arts, cultural development practices and advocacy to achieve measurable change and impact in the lives of participants, artists, their families and communities.

Artistic Merit: To take creative risks, foster experimentation and high artistic standards, and elicit maximum, joyful engagement from participants, artists, staff, board, partners and audiences.

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