Outer Urban Projects is on the pulse. Their art matches the poignancy of story and the power of a community that has much to say. Their work is sophisticated, complex and beautiful. Their productions are distinct, relevant, and grabs one by the throat.”

Patricia Cornelius - Playwright

VESSEL is a journey from one side of the world to another, through generations, time and parallel realities.  Dance, vignettes, stories and song transform into a string of intersecting encounters and a powerful aesthetic, spanning street cultural and contemporary styles.

A dance theatre work about what it means to give birth and where and what you are born into.

VESSEL features an inter-generational ensemble of dancers, performers and musicians, Director Irine Vela with choreography by leading dance exponents, Thomas E. S. Kelly, Nebahat Erpolat and Demi Sorono with dancers from Outer Urban Projects dance ensemble, Victoria Canning, Tehyali Malone, Damian Seddon, Simone Etheve and Josephine Inia, Actor Sahra Davoudi and Musicians Kelly Dowall and Fouad Harraka.

Costume Design by Amanda Clarke and Lighting Design by Gina Gascoigne.

Developed with the support from Creative Australia, Creative Victoria, Besen Family Foundation, Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation, Arts Centre Melbourne, Melbourne Fringe, Reservoir High and Outer Urban Projects school and community partners.

VESSEL awarded Melbourne Fringe “Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice” and nominated for a Green Room Award.


“A boat is a vessel, carrying life across dangerous seas, and a womb is a vessel, carrying life across a dangerous world. These concepts combine in this strikingly original dance work performed by six young dancers, a performer, a singer and two musicians…United by its theme, the piece conveys so many facets of life experience with great clarity”


“9 years after finishing University in Iran, it was here in Australia that a career in my chosen field, in theatre, finally became a reality. Knowing that there is an opportunity for an artist such as me, who is seeking asylum, who is an immigrant, a woman, to show her work is a great motivator. To explore the weakness and strength of my work as a writer and an actor”

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