“The hip hop concerto is sublime I was listening at the edge of my seat thinking that this is indeed how the world sounds; hybrid, modernist and ancient, popular and classical”

Christos Tsiolkas, author, Artery

To celebrate Newsboys Foundation’s 125th anniversary, Outer Urban Projects collaborated with Newsboys Foundation, Melbourne Youth Orchestras (MYO) and Melbourne Recital Centre to present  125 BPM – a collaborative concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre’s Elizabeth Murdoch Hall. The concert remounted the Hip Hop Harp Concerto brimming with stories, raps and vocals from Outer Urban Projects artists.

Hip Hop Harp Concerto:
Composer Irine Vela and Outer Urban Projects spoken word and rap artists

Music Director Brett Kelly 

Musicians Melina Van Leeuwen, William Barton, Kevin Nugara, Mark Grunden, Bikram Malher and Associate Artist: Joseph Samarani 

Vocalists Zein Mehrez and Associate Artists Milad Norouzi, Phillip Pandongan, Ruci Kaisila, Joanne Kaisila and Emmanuel Kaisila 

Rap and Singing Participants Tori O’Malley, Nia Dove-Adotey, Otis Dove-Adotey, Michael Zhang, Felicity Schuzai-Andrews, Oliver Morgan-Tarran, Will Hiku, Dante Sofra, Sebastian Sofra, Joshua Austen and John Collard

Developed with support from Newsboys Foundation, Melbourne Recital Centre and Melbourne Youth Music.

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