Original and cultural songs by Associate Artists recorded mixed and mastered. The repertoire includes contemporary Maori, Fijian, Pasifika, Gospel, Indie, Jazz and Soul genres.


Composer, Guitar, Vocalist  Tangata Tupou

Vocalist Fakaoho Tupou

Composer, Musician, Vocalist  Ruci Kaisila

Guitar, Vocalist  Joanne Kaisila

Vocalist  Emmanuel Kaisila

Composer, Piano, Vocalist  Melaia Sadranu

Double Bass  Ken Harris

Piano, Vocalist  Nathaniel Chand

Vocalist  Shavone Nathundriwa

Drums  Hugh Harvey

Piano, Keyboard  John McAll

Double Bass  Phillip Rex

Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro  Paddy Montgomerty

Electric and Fretless Bass  Euripides Evripidou

Trumpet  Eamon McNellis

Guitars Irine Vela

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